Welcome to Cybex International!

To our customers

Cybex International is the proud producer of the world's finest fitness equipment. Our products are innovative in design, durable in structure, and always bio-mechanically correct to produce the optimum workout for users. We appreciate the loyalty of our current customers and are pleased that our list of new customers is constantly growing. Although commercial health clubs have long-recognized Cybex as a brand of excellence, Cybex quality is also important to professional and collegiate sports, the military and even fitness enthusiasts who want commercial grade exercise equipment in their home.

To our employees

Cybex values both the dedication and expertise of all our employees. The Cybex workforce, from the research and development team to the factory floors, is vital to bringing fitness equipment to a world that depends on us for premium value.

If you are looking at this website, you share our interest in fitness excellence and in Cybex International. We welcome your review of our products and our company and are proud that the Cybex brand is a hallmark of leadership in our industry.

John Aglialoro