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VR1 Strength


ENGINEERED FOR VALUE. Cybex is known for strength training equipment that is scientifically engineered to produce faster fitness results. We took that excellence and reduced it in size and complexity to form the VR1 line of selectorized products. This is the selectorized line that can fit the space and budget of a wide range of facilites.

  • Brawny … with a slim silouette.
  • Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be.
  • Fits the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

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Produktnummer: 13085

Maße (L x W x H): 41" x 41" x 62" (104 cm x 104 cm x 157 cm)

Gerätegewicht mit Standard Gewichten: 396 lbs. 180 kg

Standard Gewichtestapel: 145 lbs. 66 kg

Gerätegewicht mit leichtem Gewichtestapel: 351 lbs. 160 kg

Leichter Gewichtestapel: 100 lbs. 45 kg