Chad Bukhari

Senior Trainer
Middle East
Chad Bukhari, born in 1972, has a mixed British and Jordanian lineage. After attending the National Orthodox School in Jordan, he pursued his education at the University of Warwick in England, graduating in 1994 with an honors degree in law.

Chad’s passion for fitness reached a crescendo in 2004, when he eschewed a successful law career, and a post at the United Nations, in order to pursue his true love of everything sports and fitness related. He hasn’t looked back since.

Chad seeks to impart knowledge to personal trainers, gym instructors, athletes and the general public with the aim of raising the educational standards and knowledge base of the fitness industry in the Middle East.

He is a regular health and fitness contributor to the Jordan Times- Jordan’s most read English language newspaper- and for more than three years has written fitness columns in various national periodicals, including Jo and Viva.

His services as a fitness professional are eagerly sought after, as he deals with a diverse array of clients including athletes, injured individuals, special needs clientele, and the elderly.

Chad is currently partnered with Powerhut Gym- one of the biggest and best established gyms in the Middle East. Through this relationship and his association with Cybex Research Institute, Chad hopes to establish education centers throughout the Middle East, setting professional standards for the fitness industry in the region.