Heiko Martin

Master Trainer
Research Fellow
Heiko Martin began his career as a physical therapist in Germany in 1992, working in intensive care, pediatric, orthopaedic/rheumatology, neurology and sports medicine hospital units.

He later spent 4 years at the RehaKlink Rheinfelden, in Switzerland, where he developed workshops and student mentoring programs in orthopaedics, rheumatology and isokinetic testing and training protocols.

With his skill of handling different measuring systems, Heiko moved to the private physiotherapy institute CORPOSANA in Basel, Switzerland, where he began his work with high performance athletes, developing new assessment and performance enhancement programs.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the European Interdisciplinary Society (EISCSA), an international group of physiotherapists, medical doctors, and research scientists, which is focused on the testing and training of patients across a multitude of medical disciplines. He has served as the General Secretary for the past 3 years.

Recently, he was recruited as a physiotherapist for the Porsche Racing Team medical group, which treats drivers during long distance races and training events.