Jeremy Boone

Master Trainer
Research Fellow
Jeremy Boone began his illustrious career with a degree in Exercise Science, focusing on kinesiology and biomechanics. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Licensed Neuromuscular Therapist, and has a United States Association of Weightlifting Sports Performance Certification.

A highly sought-after speaker, Jeremy has presented at national and international conferences, including lectures for the NSCA, National Soccer Coaches of America, Perform Better: Learning by Doing, and the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada.

He is a performance consultant for the NFL Carolina Panthers, Club de Vasco Da Gama soccer club in Brazil, Charlotte men’s and lady Eagles soccer clubs, Davidson College’s men’s basketball and soccer programs, and an extensive list of athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS.

Jeremy is a regular columnist and content provider for Nike SPARQ Training, the National Soccer Coaches Association of America’s Soccer Journal, Fair Game magazine (UK), Personal Fitness Professional magazine,, Charlotte Health & Fitness magazine, and other popular print media and websites. His extensive list of instructional DVD’s, software, and books cover performance topics in soccer, football, tennis, speed enhancement, and general strength and conditioning.

Jeremy is the founder of Athlete By Design Inc., an international consulting firm working with athletes and teams struggling with athletic performance. He is a licensed Axiologist, most recently founding InnerTactics Inc., the official home of Sports Axiology that profiles athletes and reveals their decision making patterns during play.

He is a husband and father of two boys.