Paulo Marchetti

Master Trainer
Research Fellow
Paulo Marchetti completed his undergraduate degree in Robotic Engineering with a dual specialty in Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training. He holds both a Master’s degree and PhD in Biomechanics and Motor Control.

Marchetti is a researcher at the Biomechanics Laboratory of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with projects on biomechanics, motor control and resistance training. His current research includes studies on the morphology of the rectus abdominis and its selective activation during low-intensity and fatiguing tasks. Previously, he examined leg asymmetry during dynamic and static tasks in sedentary and athletic populations.

In addition to his teaching and research duties, Paulo is a highly respected personal trainer, focusing on sports performance enhancement, and an elite level martial artist. In 1996, Paulo won the Brazilian Taekwondo Championship.

He is the author of Applied Biomechanics: Resistance Training Guide and Periodization of Resistance Training.