Scott Moody

Master Trainer
Research Fellow
Scott Moody followed a collegiate football career and two years as assistant strength and conditioning coach at Louisiana Tech University, with an exercise specialist position in Kansas City. At Sports Care, a sports rehabilitation facility within the St. Luke’s-Shawnee Mission Health System he began a program called Sport Dynamics, a progressive return to sport program for athletes whose insurance would no longer cover therapy, but who also were not fully cleared to participate in practice or games. Sport Dynamics expanded into a full blown sports performance program and was the genesis of the current Athletefit facility.

Moody is the founder of the National Human Performance Institute (NHPI), a standardized testing and research company that tracks the development of athletes across the country. With 8 centers nationwide testing thousands of athletes under the same protocols, NHPI built a database and created performance standards. In 2006, NHPI merged into an organization called TRIAD, created to serve as a "check and balance" for the entire process. By researching, tracking and implementing fitness-related programs (everything from basic coordination and motor skill development to highly tactical athletic development) from elementary through high school years, superior athletes are created with lower rates of injury.

Moody has worked with thousands of athletes and is a featured speaker and consultant to local and national organizations, as well a writer on youth sports training and athletic development. Moody now owns and acts as the Director of Sports Performance in Athletefit’s new 16,000 square foot Training and Research Center in Overland Park Kansas. He partners with various teams, clubs, equipment manufacturers and researchers to design new protocols for enhanced fitness and performance.