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Cybex Arc Trainer

Register or sign in for your own personal coach that will guide you through your Arc Trainer workouts. The Cybex Arc Trainer Cardio Coach is an .mp3 program that will be available via download after you sign in or register. Three programs, running between 20 and 30 minutes, will take you on a tour of the Arc Trainer and all of its functions, introduce you to heart rate training at a variety of loads and speeds, and challenge you with a high intensity interval program.

All three programs will enhance your workouts on the Arc Trainer, keep you motivated and energized, and help deliver outstanding results with repeated use (available only on the 750A).

Introduction to the Arc Trainer:
Familiarize yourself with the Arc Trainer on this tour of the Arc’s console and an introduction to the features that make training on the Arc a truly unique experience. We recommend you do this program first to take best advantage of the intermediate and challenge programs.

Intermediate Program:
Take a 30-minute exercise excursion featuring changes in pace, resistance, and incline. Your coach will hold you constant at different heart rate training zones, and test you on a rudimentary interval routine.

Challenge Program:
The Cardio Coach Challenge program features a 20-minute high intensity interval routine featuring the Adaptive Power Training mode of the 750 Arc Trainer. During these demanding intervals, the faster you stride, the more the Arc Trainer will resist, but as you ease off, the Arc resists less. This form of accommodating resistance promotes not only cardiovascular endurance and power, but muscular strength, endurance, and power as well.