Workout Calculators

If you are looking for tools to help jumpstart your fitness program, you are in the right place with Cybex. Just fill in one or more of the fitness calculators and get the information you need to create a plan for a healthier lifestyle.

Estimate how many calories you burn during your workout.
Weight:  lbs.
Type of  Exercise: 
Duration:  Hour(s) Minutes

The Body Mass Index* measurement is an indicator of your body fat.
Weight:  lbs.
Height:  ft. in.
Underweight BMI <18.5
Normal weight BMI 18.5-24.9
Overweight BMI 25-29.9
Obese BMI 30 or greater
Your target heart rate is what you should aim for when exercising to get the most aerobic benefit.

Your age:

Your resting metabolic rate and activity level are combined to estimate how many calories you burn each day.
Height:  ft. in.
Weight:  lbs. Age:
Activity  Level: 

*Limitations of the BMI:
-It may overestimate body fat in athletes and those people with a muscular build
-It may underestimate body fat in older people and others who have lost muscle

**Target heart rate is only a guide. Each individual is different, so pay attention to how you feel, how hard you are breathing, how fast your heart is beating, and how much you feel the exertion in your muscles.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These calculators provide general information only and do not speak to individual conditions. They may not be right for you and should not be used to make decisions about your health and fitness program. Always consult your doctor for medical advice and before starting a new fitness program.