Personal trainer Rickey Entwisle recounts his incredible weight loss journey

Monday, December 31, 2012

Personal trainer recounts his incredible weight-loss journey

When it comes to getting in shape, commercial gym equipment by Cybex can help individuals obtain the total fitness workout and results that they crave.

Recently, we caught up with Rickey Entwisle, a 23-year-old personal trainer from Metairie, Louisiana, who lost more than 55 pounds in the past year by following what he refers to as the Fitness Burrito - a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise and dietary adjustments.

While Entwisle is still working hard to make his overarching weight loss goals a reality, his remarkable story can be a source of inspiration for those struggling to get motivated at the gym. We had the chance to speak with Ricky and learn more about his incredible journey.

Q: What inspired you to start exercising seriously? 

A: Looking at myself in the mirror when I was close to 250 [pounds] and the way I was eating made me want to start exercising seriously. I was sick with the way I looked and didn't want to continue on that path.

Q. Do you feel like it's important for people to make total lifestyle changes in order to get the results they crave?
A: I believe strongly that people must make total lifestyle changes in order to reach their maximum results. You can see minimal results [while] doing just cardio and keeping your diet the same but you won't reach anywhere near the potential results you could [have] if you had everything in order. I like to call it the Fitness Burrito with six main ingredients - sleeping right, proper water intake, proper weights, proper cardio, stretching and [dietary] supplements. To me it is a waste of time to not have [everything right].

Q: You mention changing up your exercise routine - how has that helped you obtain your fitness goals?
A: Your body tends to get use to the same routine over and over again and in order to overcome plateaus and hurdles it is essential to switch up your workouts [by] including weight routines and cardio routines. High intensity interval training has been the best for me.

Q: For you, what was the hardest part about getting in shape?
A: From playing football, training with top [NFL] athletes and other pro athletes, and losing weight before I knew what I needed to do in order to reach my fitness goals when I got very serious on [March 5, 2012]. The only thing that held me back was getting started.

Q: As a personal trainer, how do you motivate people daily in the gym?
A: At the gym, when I motivate people I give them the knowledge that I have and push them to reach their maximum intensity while working out. I also show people who wish to lose weight my before and after pictures. I have a client now who has already lost 20 [pounds] with me and has about 90 [to] 100 [pounds] to go, from seeing the results that she has already she is motivated from that alone and seeing that it works.

Q: What would you say to someone who is having trouble getting over those initial hurdles?
A: I would tell someone who is struggling to get started to just keep going at it. Once you get a routine down and do it for 4 [to] 6 weeks straight with no interruption you will see that it becomes part of your daily routine and will not seem as such of a burden. [Once] you see results you will even look forward to going to the gym. You have to be determined and ready to meet your goal, playing around and not being serious in the gym is just a waste of time.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece of commercial gym equipment from Cybex?
A: Yes I do. The arc trainer... is the machine that I used to do cardio during my 6 months of losing over 55 [pounds].