What are the top 3 gifts for a fitness enthusiast?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What are the top 3 gifts for a fitness enthusiast?

Many people leave it to the last minute to find gifts for their friends, relatives and partners, often working up a pretty good sweat in the process!

While finding the perfect present for a loved one is rarely easy, choices abound if there's someone on your list who enjoys staying active, so consider giving something that complements his or her lifestyle. For birthdays, holidays and other milestones, you can bestow the workout enthusiast in your life the gift that keeps on giving - the gift of health and fitness.

Consider these top three presents, which are sure to make him or her eager to hit the gym.

1. Commercial treadmills.
When it comes to getting in shape, commercial treadmills by Cybex are an excellent resource that can help someone rediscover their love of running or take their exercise regimen to the next level. From the 770T to the 625T, the treadmills offered by Cybex are engineered to provide optimal stability and comfort, which reduces the risk of overstressing.

2. Free weights.
Free weights are an essential part of any gym and can add versatility to a workout schedule. Also referred to as dumbbells, free weights come in a variety of sizes and can be great for improving overall muscle strength.

For those who are new to using free weights, Yale University School of Medicine recommends starting with exercises that target the upper body, including lateral shoulder raises, upright rows, alternate dumbbell presses and arm curls. 

3. Heart rate monitor.
For fitness enthusiasts who are committed to gaining the most from their workouts, heart rate monitors are essential for maintaining the right intensity throughout a session. These portable devices allow individuals to track their total heartbeats per minute and stay within a target heart rate zone, which can be calculated by deducting one's age from 220, according to the American Heart Association.

While there are many other great gifts you can give the workout buff in your life to ensure that he or she maintains a trim physique, one of the aforementioned presents is sure to be a hit.