600IC Indoor Cycle

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The 600IC provides three critical components for improving users‘ cycling performance: 155mm Q Factor, ergonomic handlebar and advanced geometry. For club-owners, there‘s ICG‘s Poly-V belt drivetrain technology for maximum durability and reduced servicing. Take the 600IC for a ride and you‘ll be a believer.

  • Incredible ride. Incredible value.
  • 155mm Q Factor
  • Dual-sided SPD-compatible pedals
  • Optional ANT+ Console
  • Available in North America

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Offering protection at high touch-points of the frame, the protection plates will keep your bikes looking “as new” far longer. The new molded application allows us to form-fit the protection plates to the frame, seamlessly covering the tubes from different angles.


The 600IC frame has been engineered with a front-facing pin-locking mechanism for improved durability. The protection post insert creates the strongest, most stable fit by creating a layer between the steel pin and the softer aluminum posts. It interfaces directly with the pin, ensuring the aluminum posts remain undamaged over the life of the product.

15MM Q Factor

Offers superior biomechanics. Q factor is the distance between your feet when you sit on the bike and pedal. A Q Factor of 155mm makes the Indoor Cycle feel more like a real bike. The benefits include increased safety, comfort, and efficiency in each and every pedal stroke.


Offering greater comfort and performance. The design provides a soft, durable rubber grip with its innovative bar-ends, featuring a natural curve for comfortable hand positioning over the top.


The oversized, larger diameter steel tubes used to form our stabilizers increase the stiffness and stability of the frame, giving the rider improved pedaling performance and balance. The larger diameter tube allows for innovative "hidden" bolt fixings to improve the look and durability. The SPD compatible stretch plates allow the rider to stretch either leg from the same from the same side of the bike.


Where is the best place for the user’s water? No hydration system is effective unless the user gets fluid into their body. Our integrated handlebar mounted system is front and center, reminding users to drink frequently.


Belts require less maintenance, have fewer breakdowns, improve pedaling technique, permit less momentum-based recovery, make the rider work more efficiently, and are safer for new riders. They save the club owner money, decrease liability, make less noise and train participants more effectively.


Dual-sided pedals enable riders to take a class using either cycling shoes with SPD cleats or gym shoes. SPD cleats are small and recessed in the sole, making it possible to walk around the club without slipping. They are the most widely used pedal system in all of cycling and offer a more connected feeling to the bike, as well as improving performance.

ANT+ CONSOLE (Optional)

Performance measurement permits the instructor to demonstrate both intensity and effort effectively, and enables the student to gain more from every class. Our ANT+ console shows cadence, heart rate and calorie expenditure, giving students immediate and valuable feedback on their training.