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600IC Indoor Cycle

Powered by ICG®

The 600IC provides three critical components for improving users‘ cycling performance: 155mm Q Factor, ergonomic handlebar and advanced geometry. For club-owners, there‘s ICG‘s Poly-V belt drivetrain technology for maximum durability and reduced servicing. Take the 600IC for a ride and you‘ll be a believer.

  • Incredible ride. Incredible value.
  • 155mm Q Factor
  • Dual-sided SPD-compatible pedals
  • Optional ANT+ Console
  • Product availability varies by region

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Q Factor is the distance between your feet when you sit on the bike and pedal. The right Q Factor makes indoor cycles more bio-mechanically efficient by keeping the rider’s hip, knee and foot in alignment, and maximizing the muscular forces applied to the pedal. Q Factor has been the topic of much debate in the industry. Anatomically, people feel more comfortable when the pedals are closer together, as they are on a road bike. The 600IC features the new, industry-standard Q Factor of 155mm, which makes the Indoor Cycle feel more like a real bike. The benefits include increased safety, comfort and efficiency in every pedal stroke.


The 600IC offers an impressive array of features designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and develop endurance. Whether users are beginners or experienced athletes, the 600IC offers workouts that will help users to reach their individual fitness goals.


In a competitive field made up of all leading international Indoor Cycling providers, ICG® bikes have won best in the “Indoor Cycling” category at the annual BodyLife Awards, the industry’s only recognized independent awards body, seven times since 2005. ICG’s industrial design has been trusted world-over for two decades. We strive to innovate and raise the bar for all our user groups: Owner, Instructor and Rider.