Eagle: Best in Class

BEYOND THE BEST. Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is the evolution of superior technology combined with a passion for fitness. There is no comparable strength line in the industry - Eagle is beyond the other's best. Starting with exhaustive research in human biomechanics and applying the Cybex heritage in sports medicine, Eagle is the ultimate way to "faster fitness results".

Lower Body

Leg Press

BEST IN CLASS. The articulating carriage on the Eagle Leg Press is a unique Cybex patented design with an articulating seat and back pad that provide for more complete hip extension and gluteal involvement.

Leg Extension

BEST IN CLASS. Cybex designed the Eagle Leg Extension to apply the appropriate amount of stress to produce the desired training effect but does it in a way that reduces the chance of injury. Such is the case with the acclaimed Cybex Range Limiting Device (RLD).

Seated Leg Curl

BEST IN CLASS. Offset input arm on the Eagle Seated Leg Curl allows for the lower leg pad to adjust with minimal effect on the starting angle of the knee. In combination with proper pivot location, this allows the use of a contoured pad for improved comfort.

Prone Leg Curl

BEST IN CLASS. The Cybex-pioneered optimal ergonomic design creates a more comfortable exercise. The forearm pads are positioned to encourage the user to pull into the pads to a neutral spine throughout the movement reducing the possibility of hyper-extension. 


BEST IN CLASS. Seated - not standing - lessens spinal compression. The unique seated user position of Cybex Eagle calf machine directs force through hip rather than the shoulders which minimizes spinal compression.

Hip Ab/Ad

BEST IN CLASS. The innovative adjustable back pad angle allows the hip to be placed in full extension. This means users can focus on very specific muscle groups to train just where it's needed.


BEST IN CLASS. The curvilinear movement encourages gluteal involvement without requiring the user to align the hip joint. It also provides knee extension which is required to eliminate hamstring cramping and allow full gluteal training.

Upper Body

Chest Press

BEST IN CLASS. Using our unique Dual Axis Technology® Cybex Eagle selectorized offers the option to train in either the machine-defined pattern of motion...or to move in a different pattern...one defined completely by the user.

Incline Press

BEST IN CLASS. Cybex Incline Press uses independent movement to train each arm according to its need. By allowing the arms to move independently of each other, Eagle delivers the ability to balance the workout when one arm is weaker or injured. Independent movement encourages symmetrical strength development and also allows for bilateral reciprocal training.

Overhead Press

BEST IN CLASS. Select a pattern of motion...or...let the machine do it for you. Dual Axis Technology® is a Cybex patented strength training mechanism that provides variety and versatility for the most complete workout.

Lat Pulldown

BEST IN CLASS. The diverging path of motion of Eagle Lat Pulldown mimics the natural way the human arms move...downward and away from the center...not straight down and away from the center. Eagle Lat Pulldown by Cybex provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder.

Incline Pull

BEST IN CLASS. The Eagle line introduces a new exercise machine Cybex calls the Incline Pull. It does not have a match in the other Cybex selectorized lines nor in the selectorized lines of any of our competitors. The Incline Pull is a versatile product that offers training for a variety of back muscles in a single machine.


BEST IN CLASS. The diverging path of motion of Eagle Row mimics the natural way the human arms move...rearward and away from the center. Eagle Row by Cybex provides a more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder for more effective loading of the back.

Arm Extension

BEST IN CLASS. The input arm on the Cybex Eagle Arm Extension is unique among arm extension machines. It is engineered so that, as the motion is completed, no additional stress is placed on the shoulder.

Arm Curl

BEST IN CLASS. The unique design of the Eagle Arm Curl is such that the elbow is off the pad which removes pressure from the elbow and aids in proper arm positioning. The seat height also adjusts to get the shoulder in the right place for proper and safe lifting.

Fly/Rear Delt

BEST IN CLASS. Both rear delt exercise and the fly without changing position. Cybex Eagle has adual-direction "Zero Slack Drive System" that allows both fly and rear delt movements to be performed from the same position. Movement specific cams allow a single weight selection to work for both movements.

Lateral Raise

BEST IN CLASS. The kneeling user position is unique to the Cybex Eagle lateral raise and is designed to promote the correct biomechanics for proper training. The Eagle Lateral Raise positions the user's hands in front of - rather than beside - the body - reminiscent of a dumbell movement.

Trunk and Torso


 BEST IN CLASS. A unique patented Cybex design isolates the abs in a way other machines do not. Because the design has taken hip flexors, arms, and shoulders out of the movement, the resulting exercise is completely focused on the abdominal muscles. The easy-access with no restricting pads makes the Cybex Abdominal one of the most popular pieces on the gym floor.

Back Extension

BEST IN CLASS. The Eagle Patented pelvic stabilization system utilizes adjustable foot brace which allows the user to "lock into" the hip pad, causing hip extensor engagement for optimal pelvic stabilization.

Torso Rotation

BEST IN CLASS. Optimal torso training - naturally - is a result of the Cybex top pivot design with a fixed lower body. This allows the head to lead and trains the torso muscles used in activities of daily living. Just as the head turns and body follows in sport, the Eagle Torso Rotation uses a top pivot design to produce optimal training.