Jungle Gym

Multi-station Performer

Jungle Gym

The Cybex Jungle Gym is the missing link for clubs who want to offer members the complete line of high performance Cybex strength and cardio equipment. Like your members, it belongs in your club.

  • Design what you need by selecting the stations you want.
  • Adjustable and hi-lo cables deliver a 2:1 ratio for a smoother feel.
  • The biggest tube we use at Cybex is in the Jungle Gym.

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Free Standing Dip / Chin Assist

Product Number: 17150

  • Provides up to 117.5 lbs. (54 kg) of assistance.
  • “Extra-sized” dip grips provide improved comfort.
  • Dual grip positions accommodate user size and movement variety.
  • Pull-up bar offers both bar and neutral grips for individual preference.
  • Steps allow easy ingress and egress.
  • Foot bar easily flips-up for unassisted pull-ups and dips.
  • Length: 59” (149 CM)
  • Width: 49” (123 CM)
  • Height: 98” (249 CM)
  • Weight: 660 lbs (300 KG)