High Intensity Interval Training


3 hours

Are your members limited on time? Do they need to lose weight? Are they looking for something new to breathe life back into their exercise routine? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) provides an energizing way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise, or resistance training in circuit type fashion maximizing the results your clients want. Research suggests that HIIT is associated with increased performance, improved fitness levels, increased resting metabolic rate, increased post exercise oxygen consumption, and decreased body fat. This workshop will examine the research behind HIIT, its benefits and specific biomarkers that fitness professionals need to consider as it relates to benefits, appetite and caloric balance. It will also provide guidelines for integrating this type of training into your client’s programs, from beginner to advanced.

Attendees will demonstrate an understanding of the energy system time continuum through exhaustive exercise. They will also demonstrate a working knowledge of HIIT theory, by designing and executing a variety of HIIT sessions.