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Design Solutions

At Cybex we help design your facility by providing drawings starting with a 2D layout, 3D layouts and we can even create extremely detailed, crisp, high quality 3D layouts that can be blown up into poster size for pre-opening sales or to add to your website. The 3D layout brings the 2D drawing to life and helps you to view the most space efficient design of your facility. The 3D layout as a pre-opening sales tool can help evoke atmosphere and aspiration by highlighting the detail of your facility.

Why not enhance your 3D layout with a 3D walkthrough?
3D walkthroughs display a dynamic representation of your facility and allows the viewer to travel around the layout and view all of the equipment up-close.

"The detail of the layout and walkthrough is superb; images with people using the kit would certainly bring it to life a little more. However overall a great tool and service that will be put to great use in the lead up to our refurbishment".
- Dan Little, Assistant Club Manager, Caversham Health and Fitness

"We have found the 3D layouts are a powerful way of translating the facility concept and vision to our clients and is a valuable sales tool for us"
- Corin Margetson, Nuffield Proactive Health

"The video strikingly reinforces our best-in-class leadership – demonstrating the quality of the workout experience available to our members and the unparalleled value proposition offered to prospective franchisees. These pictures say it better than we ever could in words, well done!"
- Bill Rodriguez, VP Marketing & Business Development, Snap Fitness