Business Solutions

Cybex specializes in commercial fitness equipment which means that many of our customers depend on exercise equipment to earn a living. We offer solutions to help with the business of exercise including leasing and financing – even for start-up businesses – and marketing tools that include a “How to” booklet on public relations.

Marketing Solutions

By partnering with Cybex you get more than just equipment. Whether your facility is a health club, a campus gym, or a hotel fitness room, at Cybex we understand you need to promote the great experience you offer. Part of the key to success is making potential customers aware of what to expect and - for your current customers - brand reminders create loyalty. Cybex offers a range of materials aimed at attracting users and branding your facility.


Save time and money by working directly with Life Fitness for your leasing and financing needs. We help our customers grow by investing in their future.


Trade-in any piece of equipment (regardless of brand), and Cybex will work with our network of vendors to get you as much as possible for your old equipment, enabling you to invest in new premium equipment from Cybex.


Try before you buy. Cybex offers many ways to try out our equipment before you take out your wallet. Visit one of the Cybex Showrooms in MA, MN or the UK, try the equipment at a facility near you, or request to have equipment shipped directly to your facility so members can give it a trial run.


Extended warranties, service training, parts packages, and a robust service website are available to help keep your equipment in good working order for your members.


Training seminars from the Cybex Research Institute offer advanced biomechanics, coaching techniques, and an in-depth understanding of Cybex equipment. Workshops are accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to enable your trainers to keep their certifications up-to-date.

Cybex Product Education Specialists

Cybex Product Education Specialists (PES) are highly-trained experts on all of our equipment, hosting workshops around the world for trainers and staff on the fitness opportunities on Cybex equipment, and how members can get the most from your investment.