Fitness Package Options

Cybex Firehouse Fitness has designed four floor plans tailored to meet the space available at your fire station from 100 to 750 square feet. The equipment chosen in these plans has been selected based on the Task-Product Guide created by the Cybex Research Institute, in consultation with PEER certified firefighters who have used Cybex in their Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) programs. Cybex can also complement any facility size, and design a package for your facilities specific floor plan. These pre-designed layouts are just a few recommendations, we can work within any space requirements.

Click each floor plan to get an expanded explanation of how each piece of equipment provides training specific to firefighter needs. Please click here for a price quote on any of these packages.

The FP 100 was created for those Fire Departments with limited space for their Wellness-Fitness Initiative. The Bravo and the Arc Trainer provide ample versatility to train all components of physical fitness that are required to perform safely and effectively in the fire service. FirePower 100
The FP 250 provides the ability for several firefighters to train at the same time in a very limited space. With the added Power Rack, benches and dumbbells, the FP 250 allows the users to concentrate on the important strength and aerobic components for their job tasks. FirePower 250
The FP 500 was designed for those Fire Departments that are looking to take it to the next level with their Wellness-Fitness Initiative. It is taking the FP 250 and adding several more products that further the ability to target specific needs of the firefighter. FirePower 500
This floor plan offers an unparalleled offering for your firefighters' physical conditioning and preventative training. Every one of these pieces of equipment in the FP 750 targets the specific requirements of the Wellness-Fitness Initiative. There is no question that the FP 750 will provide the opportunity to build the foundation for a strong and fit Fire Department. FirePower 750
Please click here for a price quote on any of these packages.