What people are saying...
"We have a demanding membership that only expects the best. Early on in the planning process we were in search of a high quality company that could meet all our fitness requirements. We selected Cybex as the exclusive partner for our cardio, strength, and core modular equipment. They have not only met our requirements, they have surpassed them."
C. Robert Schlingmann
Country Club Manager, The Apawamis Club
"The Olympic Club’s Lakeside Country Club installed Cybex equipment which comprises of the Sweet Spot 500 Golf Training Program. The response from the membership has overwhelmingly been positive. The continued support from the Cybex staff has been excellent we are very happy with our selection."
Gary Crook
Athletic Director, The Olympic Club
"Our PGA TOUR Players have come to expect the very best in fitness equipment both on site at PGA TOUR events and in their everyday lives. The Cybex equipment that we offer them for their exclusive use here at TPC Sawgrass certainly meets their high and exacting standards."
TPC Sawgrass
"I knew that most of the members who would use the club's new fitness center would be familiar with Cybex from using it in hotels or other gyms. And they would not only recognize it as a quality brand, they would also like the assurance of consistency that we could offer, by using Cybex for both strength and cardio training."
Greenwich Country Club
Source: Club & Resort Business
"We're already seeing many members come in as early as 4:30 in the morning before they head into the city for a workout or a session with a personal trainer. And we're seeing the same thing on the other side of the day."
Apawamis Club
Source: Club & Resort Business
"A fitness center that contains the best brands will support the image of a club that strives to provide the best for its members. Even if tight budgetary constraints exist, it's important to select leading brands."
Heathrow Country Club
Source: Club & Resort Business