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Cybex Golf Fitness offers premium fitness equipment, education, and essential exercises designed to improve golf-specific performance, and enhance health and wellness for golfers and non-golfers alike. These are a few of the many exercises included in the Cybex Golf Front Nine©, Back Nine©, High-Handicap© and Low-Handicap© exercises.
Step Abduction + Reference Golf Swing
This exercise helps to promote proper weight shift into the lead side prior to the downswing shifting the weight only ten percent towards the lead side aligns the center of gravity with the lead side hip joint, from where a smooth and efficient rotation can arise. The reference pad, placed against the buttocks, ensures a proper dynamic posture throughout the “downswing” phase of the exercise.
Trunk Rotation
A great golf swing comes from a tight, efficient, and rapid turn research has demonstrated that the extent of the turn is less important than its speed a trunk rotation exercise, focusing on controlled velocity, will help to increase clubhead speed.
This program contains movements and intensities that may be inappropriate and or dangerous for certain individuals.
All participants should consult their physician before exercising. Proper technique and form are essential for safe performance of all exercises.