Believe the Experts

Saying that we make the finest human performance products in the world is one thing. Proving it is another. That is why quality is not measured by us, but rather by our customers.

Global Hotel and Spa Showcase
By offering the highest quality fitness products we help those who use them look better, feel better and improve their functional capability. In fact, when we talk to people of all nationalities about the product we design, manufacture, sell and service, we have one common thing to communicate – Cybex provides the customer with a superior experience with maximum results. Providing a consistently positive workout experience motivates people to work out more, and fitness facilities around the world know that the key to a successful long term exercise programme is to create and sustain motivation. It is good for your guests, and good for your facility – and Cybex products help make it possible.
Global Installation Guide:
The Cybex Global Installation Guide provides you with a sampling of our worldwide customer database for hotels and spas. These customers are the experts when it comes to Cybex products and services. We encourage you to contact them to find out more about Cybex!