Interior Design

Just as Cybex equipment is designed to produce fitness results, our proven interior design concepts are designed to produce an interior experience that drives memberships. Interior design plays an ever-expanding role in a club's success by creating the right visual experience for members and potential new members!

The objective is not mere functionalism, but the creation of a special, warm and welcoming ambience that functions as well as it looks and contributes to the sensation of wellbeing. Good interior design manages to create well planned functional space that caters for wellbeing, passive relaxation space as well as more traditional active areas of the facility

We provide our customers with two valuable documents that detail the functional specifications essential for a well planed & designed facility.

Interior Design Finishing Specifications:
This 98-page manual covers the FF&E (fixtures, fittings and electrical) specifications, material choices, and interior design specifications for every aspect and function available in a resort, spa and fitness facility. This is a must-have document at the initial stages of interior facility design.
Interior Design Check List:
Our check list provides project management with the ability to review the major, essential elements of each space within a health club. While not as detailed and comprehensive as the Finishing Specifications manuals, this booklet provides valuable direction and guidance related to the interior design and functional operations of the reception area, fitness room, group exercise studio, changing rooms including wet, semi-wet and dry areas, swimming pool and sauna/ steam rooms.
Fabiano Designs
No interior however can be created without direction and leadership. Through the strategic alliance with Fabiano Designs, one of the leading architect and interior designers of fitness and health facilities in the USA, we offer sample material boards that can provide you with ideas and concepts for your facility. In addition, on a contract basis Fabiano Designs will work with your project management team to create interiors designed to expand your market base and raise retention. Utilizing their research and how members respond to space, Fabiano Designs choreograph their designs to motivate, reduce intimation and increase usage and satisfaction. Visit for more details!