Managing Profitably

SERVICE BENCHMARKS – Management Operations Review
When you hear the words “This the way we have always done it… seems to work OK”, it could be time for a Management Operations Review (MOR) of your Health Club facility! Our MOR is a highly sought after document enabling a third party or independent person in the hotel to critically and objectively assess the operations of your health club facility. In the process of carrying out an MOR a refreshing review of the Facilities and Procedures is undertaken with the local management team. The outcome of the report is objective feedback intended to ensure that your operating standards are maintained (in terms of facility cleanliness and maintenance and quality service delivery that is consistent) and that a professional, creative and innovative approach is taken to maximising usage of your available resources.
Standard Operating Procedures
Hoteliers around the world are infamous for the employment of a rigorous set of operating standards to ensure that guests receive a consistent and hassle-free experience. Management often boasts numerous years of polished experience in operating areas such as F&B and the Front Office. The fitness facility however is often overlooked and left to housekeeping to manage. Refer to our standard operating procedures (SOPs) to provide direction, improve communication, reduce training time, and improve work consistency for your operations team.