Maximizing your Space

Years of experience in health club planning is shared with Cybex customers through the Area Programme and the Flow Diagrams documents. Considerable effort is spent focused on the guest experience throughout the hotel. What factors however will inspire your guests to utilize the fitness facility? Are they purely driven by an acceptable level of equipment?

Having quality and well recognized branded fitness equipment is now a minimum expectation. Today, the best examples of hotel based fitness facilities incorporate a thoughtful design of space. The three key zones of the facility (wet areas, active exercise and semi wet areas) are correctly laid out in to ensure the functional space ratios are adhered to. In addition, operational issues such as privacy, logistics, guest and back of the house staff flow are given due consideration when planning the best utilization of your space.
Area Program
Finding the correct ratios between areas dedicated to passive, active and circulation space is essential to maximizing your space and investment The Area Program document provides a baseline recommendation for the minimum allocation of facilities and services within a hotel based fitness and spa facility. A comparison between the minimum space and operational requirements for each zone also provides a valuable advice on ratio of space. A wide range of zones are described in detail, with a minimum suggested space allocation for planning purposes.
Flow Diagram
Having established the minimum space requirements through the use of the Area program, our flow diagrams provide you with great hints into laying out the various areas of your facility to ensure, for example, that users are correctly guided through dry, semi wet and the wet areas of the facility.