New Facility Set Up

Interior Design
Just as Cybex equipment is designed to produce fitness results, our proven interior design concepts are designed to produce membership results. Interior design plays an ever-expanding role in a club's success by creating the right visual experience for members and potential new members!
Maximizing your Space
Our years of experience in health club planning are shared with Cybex customers through two valuable documents. Finding the correct ratios between areas dedicated to passive, active and circulation space is essential to maximizing your space and investment. Our flow diagrams provide you with great hints into laying out the various areas of your facility to ensure, for example, that users are correctly guided through dry, semi wet and the wet areas of the facility.
Prototype Layouts
Our custom-designed 3D prototype layouts provide professional equipment selection based on four key criteria in conjunction with the budget process: (1) the clientele (business, families or resort goers); (2) liability issues (equipment usage in unsupervised gyms); (3) equipment maintenance (hotel guests do not accept an “out of order sign”); and (4) space (we understand that space equals money). Cybex products for the hospitality industry provide quality and functionality in footprint that maximizes space.
The Best Floor for your Facility
Carpet? Tile? Wood? Rubber…? One of the most important parts of your facility – flooring – will likely be one of your biggest purchases and certainly one of your most used! A good floor is the foundation of your facility and choosing the right floor can avoid big costs down the road. Our flooring guide and appendix on flooring loading needs provides essential tips for choosing the right flooring for the different areas of your facility.
Pre-Opening Checklist
Our checklist contains all the essential steps you should take before you open your doors to excited members. It's a "to do" list for opening a new fitness facility - which can be an extremely busy and stressful experience. The check list ensures you do not miss out on the tasks you need to complete. So, for example, operating licenses are applied for in advance and your wet area operating supplies are designed, ordered and delivered in time for your soft opening training week.