A Fitness Company that can get your business in shape.

By partnering with Cybex you get more than just equipment. Whether your facility is a health club, a campus gym, or a hotel fitness room, at Cybex we understand you need to promote the great experience you offer. Part of the key to success is making potential customers aware of what to expect and - for your current customers - brand reminders create loyalty. Cybex offers a range of materials aimed at attracting users and branding your facility.

Digital Marketing Suite

Digital Marketing Suite

The Cybex Digital Marketing Suite is a set of tools and guides to help you market your fitness facility, including images, Facebook posts, Tweets, fitness calculators, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Check back every week for updates and fresh content to share with your community.

Soft Goods

Cybex Pro Shop

Cybex offers a variety of soft goods, and promotional materials for purchase. We can even customize your facility logo, and co-brand anything from t-shirts, to towels, to water bottles. Soft goods generate excitement and create talking points wherever people use or wear your promotional items. Plus, they are a proven generator of goodwill. Come on… who doesn’t love a freebie when they join a new club or reach a milestone in their current club?

Print Graphics

Print Graphics

We also offer print ready artwork files for posters, banners, communications and other signage needs. We allow you to use the Cybex corporate logo, and our approved slogans and marketing campaign materials. We can provide templates to customize your own communications such as facility newsletters, or local advertising. The Cybex brand helps enhance your facility image, and by using our logo and product imagery, you can co-brand a number of messaging materials. Let us help you, by sharing our existing library of images, graphic artwork files, logo and other examples of print graphics.

QR Codes

Download & Print QR Code Decals

At Cybex, we have created a series of QR codes to expedite your access to our product instructional videos. Each product has an overview video that explains set up, special features and different exercises that you can perform on that piece of equipment. It will be as if you had a personal trainer right at your side.