Public Relations

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Cybex is constantly looking for new ways to help you succeed and reach out to both your current members and your prospective members. As part of this effort we've developed a basic guide to help you use the power of public relations and the media to build your business. This guide is not intended to take the place of a public relations firm, nor is it meant to be all-inclusive. Instead, it offers a basic sense of how to use public relations to your advantage.

Cybex wanted to let the world know that we manufacture the best premium fitness equipment in the world. All of our equipment is designed and engineered using exercise science to produce optimal results. For example, the Cybex Arc Trainer produces more fat and calorie burn at lower levels of perceived exertion and with less wear and tear on the body than all other tested ellipticals. We have a great story to tell, but we constantly look for great ways of telling it. To get the word out, we launched a series of initiatives, including:

Fitness Equipment Partner of the National Hockey League: Cybex recently became the Fitness Equipment Partner of the NHL—a professional sports league where speed and power are at a premium, and training is vital to winning.

This year, Cybex has brought back our Pink Ribbon Run, for our third annual promotion. Past participation has generated online, newspaper, and television stories about participating gyms from coast to coast. Cybex formed a partnership with BCRF (The Breast Cancer Research Foundation) to create awareness of the importance of exercise in reducing the risk of breast cancer and to raise funds to find a cure in our lifetime.