On Campus Fitness

By creating well-equipped campus fitness centers, colleges and universities demonstrate to prospective students that they value healthy bodies as well as curious minds. With durable, low-maintenance Cybex equipment, institutions can tailor top-notch fitness centers to virtually any space.

Cybex Equipment for College Fitness

Cardiovascular Equipment with E3 View

Compatible with Nike+ and iPod®, the optional E3 View monitor on our cross trainers, bikes and treadmills allows students to monitor their workouts, add entertainment, or simply exercise to escape.

Total Access

Accessible to the physically impaired, yet also fully functional for other fitness enthusiasts, Cybex Total Access equipment opens effective fitness training to all students.


The Cybex VR3 simplifies strength training, making it a good fit for students of all fitness levels. Plus, it optimizes fitness center floorplans with its efficient footprint.

Customized Equipment

Using custom graphics and colors, Cybex can build equipment that shows off your school’s spirit, loud and proud.

Cybex TV

Sample Floorplans

Installation Gallery

Resources for Colleges

Budget Tips

We can help any virtually any institution create an inviting, Cybex-equipped fitness center within its budget (and space) constraints.

New Cybex technology makes workouts more fun

Our new E3 View monitor allows users to choose how they spend their workout time: focused on exercising, being entertained or just escaping to their own private worlds.