For emergency responders, maintaining peak condition is part of the job. Cybex works with fire departments nationwide to create professional-quality exercise areas that work within space and budget constraints.

Cybex Equipment for Firehouse Fitness

770 and 625 Arc Trainers

Arc Trainer users work their muscles—not their joints—with a great variety of low-impact, high-effectiveness lower body cross training workouts.

Bravo Functional Trainer

Bravo machines combine innovation with the best of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment, resulting in workouts that answer the needs of first responders.

Power Cage

With just a small 5’-by-6’ footprint, the Power Cage facilitates a full range of free weight exercises in a firehouse-friendly space.

Sample Floorplans

Installation Gallery

Resources for Firehouse Fitness

Funding Firefighter Fitness

Municipal budgets are stretched thin everywhere. We have numerous ideas for departments considering a Cybex-equipped workout space.

Firefighter Task/Product Guide

Exercising with Cybex equipment can significantly improve performance in more than a dozen critical firefighting tasks.