Nearly all professional golfers work out on Cybex equipment. That means opportunity for country clubs seeking to keep members engaged in the off-season. Cybex can not only help clubs create small-footprint workout spaces, but also help educate club boards on the cost/benefit advantages of our equipment.

Cybex Equipment for Golf and Country Clubs

Bravo Functional Trainer

Bravo offers golfers limitless functional movements in a flexible, easy-to-use machine. Its Progressive Stabilization system fosters faster, safer strength development.

Cybex 770 Bikes

Available in upright or recumbent models, Cybex bikes have three modes to help golfers achieve cardio as well as strength development goals.

770 and 625 Arc Trainers

With Arc Trainers, golfers work their muscles—not their joints—with a great variety of low-impact, high-effectiveness lower body cross training routines.

770T Treadmill with E3 View

Compatible with Nike+ and iPod®, the optional E3 View monitor allows golfers to monitor their workouts, add entertainment, or simply exercise to escape.

Sample Floorplans

Resources for Golf & Country Clubs

Cybex Golf Performance Program

Created by the Cybex Research Institute to enhance the specific physical attributes that lead to a smooth, efficient and powerful swing