A home gym outfitted with Cybex equipment can deliver science-based, health-club-level workout results in a surprisingly small space. Built for durability and easy operation, Cybex machines are a worthwhile investment for homeowners who care about fitness and require convenience.

Cybex Equipment for Home Gyms

525AT Arc Trainer

This reduced-footprint version of the respected Arc Trainer engages the muscles that demand more energy, yielding better results in less time, with low impact on joints.

525T Treadmill

Built on our commercial treadmill platform, it gives runners and walkers comfort, security and full features in a remarkably small space.

Bravo All-In-One Functional Trainer

Functional Training with hundreds of movements in a single space-efficient machine.

MG-525 Multi Gym

Occupying just 67 square feet, the MG-525 allows three people to perform full-body workouts simultaneously.

Sample Floorplans

Installation Gallery

Resources for Homeowners

Fitness Calculators

Home gym users can maximize their workouts by calculating calorie burn, body mass index, target heart rate and metabolism.

Gym Planner

With our interactive Gym Planner, homeowners can drag and drop Cybex equipment to create the optimal home gym in their available space.