Many travelers today—especially frequent travelers like business people—place a high value on exercise. With durable, low-maintenance, easy-to-use Cybex equipment, hotels and spas can tailor a health club-quality fitness center to virtually any space.

Cybex Equipment for Hotels & Spas


The VR1 selectorized line offers comprehensive strength conditioning for your guests (with no need for supervision), while fitting your physical space and budget.


The full range of Cybex treadmills is built on our IS3 Intelligent Suspension System, which precisely matches the body mechanics of running and minimizes stress, impact and shock.

770 and 625 Arc Trainers

With Arc Trainers, guests work their muscles—not their joints—with a great variety of low-impact, high-effectiveness lower body cross training routines.

Sample Floorplans

Installation Gallery

Resources for Hotels & Spas

Facility Development Guide

We can provide comprehensive "how to" guides for starting or running successful fitness centers in hotels and spas of any size.

Cybex Service

Everything hotels and spas need to know about care, maintenance and service for Cybex equipment.