When personal trainers deliver results, their clients keep coming back—and tell their friends. Built on science, Cybex equipment optimizes the client’s premium workout experience. And Cybex education programs keep trainers on the leading edge of effective workout practices.

Cybex Equipment for Personal Trainers

Bravo Functional Trainer

Bravo machines combine innovation with the best of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment, resulting in functional workouts that answer the needs of clients.

770 and 625 Arc Trainers

Clients use Arc Trainers to work their muscles—not their joints—with a great variety of low-impact, high-effectiveness lower body cross training routines.


The Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is designed for not only highly effective client workouts, but also highly efficient use of club floor space.

Sample Floorplans

Resources for Personal Trainers

Training & Education

Personal trainers can stay on the leading edge of workout research with courses and articles from the Cybex Research Institute.

Own Your Own Studio

Most personal fitness trainers are entrepreneurs. For those with a dream of their own studio, Cybex offers customized equipment packages at special pricing.