Sports professionals and other high-performance athletes achieve peak power when they train at high power levels. With Cybex equipment, they can reach and surpass their most powerful potential.


Arc Trainers

With Arc Trainer, athletes work their muscles, not their joints. Its great variety of highly effective, low-impact lower body exercises make it the choice of coaches and trainers.

Uprght and Recumbent Bikes

Cybex bikes deliver fitness results faster for any environment and for any user. For those who have never ridden a bike before and those preparing for the Olympics, one bike does it all. The most deconditioned user or rehab patient can use it safely because of the low power input requirement (20 Watts) and ... it goes up to 900 Watts (to make a grown man cry).

Bravo Functional Trainer

Bravo machines combine innovation with the best of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment, resulting in countless high-efficiency workout possibilities.

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Resources for Sports Fitness

Arc Progressive Resistance Training

Scott Moody, founder and CEO of Soccer F.I.T. Academy, describes a 30-minute Arc Trainer workout for building leg strength.

The Preferred Fitness Brand of the NHL

Ice hockey demands strength, power and endurance. Cybex equipment helps pro players develop and maximize all three.