Since 1983, Cybex has partnered with more than 2000 YMCAs nationwide, equipping them to fulfill their mission of offering inclusive fitness opportunities to the whole community in all its diversity.

Cybex Equipment for YMCAs

Total Access

Accessible to the physically impaired, yet also fully functional for other fitness enthusiasts, Cybex Total Access equipment opens effective fitness training to all.

770 and 625 Arc Trainers

With Arc Trainers, members work their muscles—not their joints—with a great variety of low-impact, high-effectiveness lower body cross training routines.


The Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is designed for not only highly effective member workouts, but also highly efficient use of club floor space.

Cybex TV

Installation Gallery

Resources for YMCAs

Training & Education

YMCA staff can stay on the leading edge of workout research with courses and articles from the Cybex Research Institute.

Marketing Tips

Cybex has ideas that can help YMCAs reach out into the community, grow their membership bases and, importantly, retain more existing members.