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The Military and the Arc Trainer

For Combat readiness, nothing serves warriors like the Arc Trainer. The latest research is overwhelming. You need to know how this tool could become a significant contributor to improved PFT Scores and enhanced Combat Readiness.

The Arc Trainer enables warriors to train at demand levels significantly greater than any other non-impact cardio device - including elliptical trainers. Arc training effectively engages the major lower body muscles through a biomechanically optimized movement pattern - which delivers measurably improved results. A 20-minute Arc-adaptive Power Training session delivers accelerated results in strength, power, endurance ad calorie burn - results unachievable on elliptical trainers and treadmills.

Weight loss - research proves that the Arc Trainer burns 16% more calories than ellipticals or any other cross trainer tested. It also delivers major improvements in the key areas of athletic performance in lower body strength required for higher levels of PFT performance.

Combat-simulated - Because the Arc Trainer has a unique ability to adjust load resistance based on body weight, troops can train in combat-simulated levels. Adjusting to emulate the weight of body armor, packs, helmets and weapons means better fitness and better preparation.

Mitigating knee injuries - The Arc Trainer is an incredible tool for enabling extremely engaging and effective training sessions while reducing inappropriate load on the knees and hips. Troops can train at extremely high intensities (up to 900-watts - twice the output available on most elliptical machines). And … the Arc Trainer reduces the patella-femoral compression often prevalent in other types of cross trainers which can leave users with chronic aches, pains and associated swelling.

The Arc and the Wounded Warrior - Cybex Total Access equipment means that injured and disabled troops can work out on the same great equipment as their peers. The Arc is a particularly important exercise modality to re-build cardio fitness and the locking foot pedals mean that the pedals don't move when you get on and off. And, injured troops can train at reduced loads while still progressing toward their goals.