Wounded Warriors

Equipment for Wounded Warriors

Wounded heroes deserve the most effective and engaging physical training equipment available. The Cybex Total Access equipment line enables everyone, including injured and recovering troops, to use the strength equipment known for proper biomechanics that promotes optimum results. The same Cybex outstanding functional features are now available to the physically impaired.

  • Individuals using wheelchairs can swing the built-in seating out of the way, for full equipment access and utilization.
  • Others can use the very stable on-board seating
  • available with easy step-up, brighter and larger visual images and other features to assist those with special needs.
There is no need to relegate users who have difficulty accessing traditional equipment to use old or modestly engaging equipment in settings not used by main-stream troops. Those with disabilities train in the same location, with the same technology as their peers for the best in physical and psychological improvement.

Total Access - Great Technology that facilitates Great Training, which can be used in Great Socialization opportunities.

Chronic injury assistance

Short durations in between deployments leave many with chronic injuries that never quite heal and which interfere with the types of high intensity training that troops are used to performing and... which they would prefer to continue, if they were able.

The biomechanical design of fitness equipment for wounded warriors is critical to enable physiologically exact performance and to avoid the exacerbation of chronic injury. Cybex is unique in that every piece of Cybex gear is studied by the experts at The Cybex Research Institute. Our goal is to ensure that all users optimize their training experience, limit exposure to injury, and have the variety and adjustability that enables them to "train around" chronic problems.

The Cybex Arc Trainer, for instance, enables incredible strength and cardio workouts for everyone from the most extreme athlete (up to 900 watts) to the Wounded Warrior who is experiencing his first post-op PT session (down to 50 watts). Both users will engage the large muscles of the glutes, hamstrings and quads without putting undue stress on the joints of the knees and hips.

Cybex equipment helps the weak to get strong, the strong to stay strong – and the injured to recover strong!