Cybex in Pro Sports


Product leadership, innovation and customer satisfaction: these are our values. It is these values that drive Cybex to engineer, manufacture, market, and service the finest human performance products in the world.

Cybex fitness equipment, including a full range of strength and cardio training machines, is designed using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the human body. This means Cybex fitness equipment is engineered to produce optimal results for a wide range of users starting with the first-time exerciser. But Cybex is best known as the equipment of choice for professional athletes – those for whom training is their livelihood.

Cybex Research Institute

The goals of the Cybex Reasearch Institute are unique to Cybex. By providing the scientific foundation for new products, by leading the fitness industry in exercise research and education, and by delivering outstanding programming to facility operators and consumers alike, Cybex Research Institute has no parallel among our competitors. It is the Cybex commitment to the science of human performance that is critical to producing the finest exercise equipment in the world.

Global Fitness for Professionals

By offering safe and effective exercise equipments, we help those who rely on training to perform their jobs. In fact, when we talk to people of all nationalities about our products we have one common thing to communicate – Cybex provides maximum results. Not only because our products are physiologically correct, but because Cybex provides a consistently positive workout experience. That means athletes are motivated to work out more, and fitness enthusiasts around the world know that the key to a successful long-term exercise program is to create and sustain motivation. Cybex commercial fitness equipment help make it possible.