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The National Hockey League

Cybex is proud to be the Preferred Fitness Brand, of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Cybex has a deep history in medical and sports fitness, making this relationship a clear winner. Although our products are used by a wide variety of exercise enthusiasts, Cybex develops products particularly geared to the serious athlete. Under the partnership, Cybex equipment will now be utilized in every NHL arena. Being able to provide the professional athletes and Trainers of the NHL with Cybex high performance equipment is an exciting opportunity.

Cybex equipment will now be utilized in every NHL arena. "Cybex has been the fitness choice of many of the NHL teams for years," said Brian Jennings, the NHL's Executive Vice President of Marketing. "This partnership strengthens the League's commitment to Cybex and their commitment to us. We are extremely excited to be partnering with the leading brand of cardio and strength training equipment," he added.

Pro Athletes Train for Power
The higher power capacity of the Cybex Bikes and Arc Trainer, coupled with the ease of achieving that power, produces functional gains that are unattainable on ellipticals or even on treadmills. To learn about Power Training, click here.

The Cybex Bike is one of the most popular training tools for NHL athletes. In fact, there is a Cybex bike in every single NHL arena in the United States. The Cybex Bikes are the only bikes that offer up to 900 watts of resistance, which is outstanding on its own, but Cybex also gives you options of managing how you apply power to the bike. Power on the bike varies with resistance and speed. In bike mode, the program responds as if you were riding outdoors. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets. Pedal faster still, and it gets really hard. The Constant Power mode works a little differently. Slow down and resistance increases; speed up, and resistance declines. This mode of use is a huge value for instructors, trainers and hockey players alike to control minimum or maximum power output, regardless of the cadence used.