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College Fitness


Cybex has a long history of providing the best possible fitness experience for students at colleges and universities. We work every day with budget constraints that force hard choices and have learned a few tips from our customers that help stretch the student recreation budget.
  • Space is almost always an issue. Consider the duals in the Cybex VR1 line. There are 5 pieces of equipment that provide the fitness experience of 10 machines. This is not only a space-saver but a savings in capital expense since the cost of 5 duals is less than 10 individual stations.

  • Cybex Capital offer financing for colleges and universities – not only for Cybex equipment but for other build-out costs such as mirrors, flooring and lockers.

  • Total Access is the Cybex fitness line designed to be accessible for the physically impaired. This often means that funding can be available from Adaptive Physical Education budgets and for taxable institutions, Total Access can qualify for tax credits under The Americans with Disabilities Act. Because Cybex Total Access equipment is inclusive for all users and can be mixed/matched with other pieces of Cybex strength – it all fits together on the same gym floor. In addition to stretching the student recreation budget, Total Access provides an opportunity for students who have disabilities to work out together with those who do not.

  • Alumni are often called upon when the fitness center is being funded – whether it is for the college sports program or the student recreation facility. Most alumni can’t make a donation of the entire center, but could supply the cost of a single piece of fitness equipment. Cybex will supply a small plaque that can be affixed to each donated machine which can be labeled with the donor’s name.

  • The Cybex customization program is not exactly a budget tip, but reinforcing the college or university brand is an opportunity that should never be passed up. Having a fitness center with equipment outfitted with the college colors or even the college logo is a feature that Cybex is known for.