All-Around Results

Through cross training—the varying of exercise routines—individuals can achieve higher overall performance levels while reducing injury risk. Cybex equipment delivers the benefits of a cross training regimen while simultaneously developing strength and power, the essential foundation for sustained workout results.


770A Arc Trainer

The 770A Arc Trainer’s range of inclines and resistances allows precise lower-body muscle targeting. Workout variety includes weight loss, strength, shaping, cardio and power.

Cybex 750 Bikes

Available in standard or recumbent styles, Cybex bikes optimize power training and cardio conditioning—and combine the two as well.

Eagle Leg Press

Exclusive Articulating Carriage promotes explosive, plyometric movement that develops muscular power—and better glutes.

Cybex TV



Workouts for Cross Training

Off-Day Cross Training

Runners experiencing knee pain may wish to consider substituting a day on the road with a day of cardiovascular strength training on the Cybex Arc Trainer.

Cardiovascular Strength Endurance Training

Scott Moody, founder and CEO of Soccer F.I.T. Academy, describes a 30-minute Arc Trainer progressive resistance interval workout.