Power Bursts... Recovery

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)—alternating periods of intense exercise with less-demanding recovery periods—is proven to increase metabolism, fat burning and overall conditioning. Cybex equipment brings greater variety and effectiveness to HIIT, building strength while allowing users to determine their intensity of cardiovascular rate, load, volume and interval duration.

Equipment for High Intensity Training

770A Arc Trainer

By engaging the lower-body muscles that demand the most energy, the 770A Arc Trainer maximizes the effectiveness of high-intensity bursts of work with minimal joint impact.

Bravo Functional Trainer

Bravo’s Progressive Stabilization system promotes markedly improved performance in load capacity, core activation and strength gain.

Big Iron

Heavyweight and versatile, Big Iron racks and benches support the most demanding high-intensity free weight strength workouts.

Cybex TV

What is Power?


Workouts for High Intensity Training

High Intensity Interval Training

This intense, calorie-burning workout delivers results across the entire fitness spectrum, to get participants in the best shape of their lives.

Leatherneck Warrior Program

In 25 minutes a day, two to four times per week, this Arc Trainer regimen is designed to help achieve Marine Combat Fitness Test standards.