Fitness For All

Exercise should be about inclusion. It benefits everyone without discrimination. Cybex equipment incorporates total access designs to bring the advantages of strength training—increased metabolic rate, improved cardiovascular function and greater strength of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments—to more people.


Total Access Chest Press

Designed to ensure correct biomechanical movement, which promotes effective training results, for all individuals.

Total Access Cable Column

Multi-function machine provides a wide variety of strength exercises to wheelchair and limited-mobility users of all fitness levels.

Total Access Total Body Arc Trainer

Total Access design ensures stability and confidence. Users develop total body strength working muscles, not joints.

Cybex TV

CYBEX Total Access


Resources for Total Access Training

Americans With Disabilities Act

An overview of the ADA, with special attention on its provisions for exercise machines and equipment.

Inclusive Fitness Initiative

A program of the English Federation of Disability Sport, the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) supports the fitness industry to become more inclusive, catering for the needs of disabled and non-disabled people and raising physical activity participation levels.