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FITNESS FOR ALL. Total Access is a line of commercial fitness equipment designed to be accessible to the physically impaired but which does not exclude other exercisers. This allows fitness enthusiasts who have physical or sensory limitations to take advantage of fitness training on the same gym floor and using the same equipment as those who do not.

  • Ability over disability.
  • Accommodates people of all abilities on the same gym floor.
  • Meet the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.

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Locking Mechanism for Foot Pedals provides complete stability for users when stepping on and off the equipment.

Static Side Handles offer added stability when mounting, dismounting and exercising.

Raised Console Iconography and Color allows easy identification of the main controls both by colour, large buttons and text for older users, plus raised iconography for visually impaired users.

Large Color Contrasted Foot Pedals ensure easy identification when mounting and dismounting.

Easy Start Up of 15 Watts provides appropriate resistance for any user.