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Leg Extension


Total Access

As the industry leader, Cybex embraces the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) standards, and we lead the industry with our latest accredited Total Access equipment.

  • Ability over disability.
  • Accommodates people of all abilities on the same gym floor.
  • Meet the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.

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Adjustable Tibia Pad

Sliding adjustments for tibia pad length. The tibia pads can be quickly and accurately positioned at the base of the shins without the need to screw or unscrew a lever.

Seat Back Adjustment Lever

Spring loaded seat back adjustment lever which can be adjusted either from on or off the equipment. The push down lever is easy to operate for users with a limited grip.

Side Handles

Side handles parallel to seat side to assist with transfer.

Raised Numbering

Raised numbers and large font on ROM. These make start positions easy to adjust and identify for visually impaired and older users.

Large Seat Base

Large seat base facilitates easy transfer from a wheelchair.

Start ROM on Cam

Start ROM on cam synchronized with user. Regardless of the starting position, the Cybex patent pending ROM adjustment ensures the cam moves to maintain the correct strength profile for the user.

User Adjustable Weight Stack

User accessible weight stack offers ease of weight selection from seated exercise position.

Twist Select Weight Selection

Weight stack with low start weight and integral three-position Twist Select systems offering 2.5 kg increments is suitable for inexperienced and older users.