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Partner with our toughest, most trusted and unrelenting treadmills ever.

Make Your Most Popular
Equipment Your Best

For almost five decades, we’ve been researching everyday challenges of people like you — wear and tear on bodies and treadmills in the world’s harshest workout environments.

Today, Cybex treadmills set a new pace for durability, dependability, ease-of-service, uptime, and most importantly, safety and performance.


Absolute Durability & Reliability

Rise above downtime. Every Cybex treadmill is designed, engineered and manufactured to last longer and take your business further.

  • Exceptionally low failure rate
  • Steel top steps for extreme durability
  • Covered belt edges extend deck and belt life

Simple Service. Streamlined Maintenance.

Service should never slow down business. Save time, save money, and keep your equipment in top form with our one-of-a-kind service innovations.

  • 99% parts ship within 24 hours (1 week intl.)
  • Top down assembly streamlines maintenance
  • Cable management increases safety

The Industry’s Only Service Wheel

Rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean your treadmills with ease, saving yourself significant money and drastically reducing downtime.

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Simple, Superior Tech

Multiple Console & Display Options

  1. 1. Complete Entertainment & Engagement

    Excite and motivate members with easy-to-use HD touchscreens, virtual workout environments, live HD TV, on-demand content, music videos, web browsing, and more.

  2. 2. Unlimited Internet Access

    Members can visit their favorite websites, check email, visit social media, watch, read, and listen to whatever they want, whenever they want.

  3. 3. Intuitive Display

    Give members a single command center for time, distance and calorie goals, and heart rate monitoring.

  4. 4. Heart Rate Monitoring

    Monitor heart rates from the contact grips or hands-free from a wireless heart rate transmitter. See it at a glance with a multi-colored LED that displays target heart rate zones.

Maximize Results. Minimize Impact

Comfort at Every Step

  1. 4. Intelligent Suspension

    The heart of our treadmills is the IS3 Intelligent Suspension System. Designed after a performance running shoe, and the result of extensive research by the Cybex Research Institute, our running decks (60’’ x 22’’) are soft at landing, firm in the middle, and rigid at toe-off to create a smooth, comfortable ride with minimal stress, impact and shock.

  2. 2. Increased Stability

    Provide an added level of safety and a feeling of confidence with our patented ARMZ stabilizers

  3. 1. Dual-Speed Fan

    Keep users cooler and more motivated during their most heated workouts with our adjustable fan.

  4. 5. Easier Access

    Help all members get moving with a lower step-up height.

  5. 3. Improved Security

    Boost member confidence with our auto-stop safety lanyard.

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Meeting Everyday Challenges With Meaningful Innovations

"When selecting equipment for our clubs, we evaluate three primary features: design, user experience, and reliability. Cybex treadmills over-deliver in all of these areas. The 770 treadmill looks great, feels great, and is one of the most intuitive pieces of cardio on the market. With the value and service that the Cybex team delivers, they are the only treadmills we buy."

J.J. Creegan
Youfit Health Clubs

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Unique Solutions For Unique Needs

Find the perfect equipment for your facility with our complete line of premium treadmills, each available in over 180 custom colors to strengthen your brand and refine your facility.

  • 790T Treadmill
  • 770T Treadmill
  • 625T Treadmill
  • 525T Treadmill
  • 625T Total Access