Fly/Rear Delt



VR1 is a value-engineered line designed for the things you need most. With its extraordinarily small foot print, elegant and inviting design that is exceptionally easy to use, VR1 is the ideal solution for your facility and member needs.

  • Brawny … with a slim silouette.
  • Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be.
  • Fits the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

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Product Number : 13111

Dimensions : 55” L x 50” W x 74” H
141 cm L x 127 cm W x 157 cm H

Machine Weight w/ Standard Stack : 496 lbs. (225 kg)

Standard Stack : 220 lbs (100 kg)

Machine Weight w/ Light Stack : 426 lbs. (194 kg)

Light Stack : 150 lbs (68 kg)