Leg Extension



Cybex’S VR3 strength line brings the desired balance between a sleek design and unparalleled performance, delivering nothing short of an amazing user experience and workout.

  • For any other manufacturer, this would be top of the line.
  • Machine defined path of motion means even beginners get a safe and effective workout.
  • Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be.

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Product Number : 12050 Leg Extension
12051 Leg Extension w/ Start RLD
12052 Leg Extension w/Total RLD

Dimensions : 49'' L x 41'' W x 64'' H
124 cm L x 104 cm W x 162 cm H

Machine Weight w/ Standard Stack : 565 lbs. (257 kg)

Standard Stack : 245 lbs. (111 kg)

Machine Weight w/ Heavy Stack : 625 lbs. (284 kg)

Heavy Stack : 305 lbs. (138 kg)