Plate Loaded

Superior biomechanics in a space efficient package. The Cybex plate loaded line is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate-loaded line in the industry. It accommodates users of almost any size and its superior design meets the needs of advanced users, without intimidating others.

Kneeling Leg Curl

ADVANCED TRAINING. Cable and cam design provides for an accurate resistance profile.

Leg Extension

ADVANCED TRAINING. Direct linkage system provides smooth feel and variable resistance.

60 Degree Calf Raise

ADVANCED TRAINING. Fully enclosed bearing system with compact footprint. Correctly loads hips while helping to protect the lower back from injury.

Triceps Press

ADVANCED TRAINING. Adjustable seat height provides the user with the optimal positioning for their height and range of motion.

Hack Squat

ADVANCED TRAINING. Fully enclosed linear bearing system. Hip-height plate loading. Large non-skid footplate. Dual height start position. Six plate storage positions.

T-Bar Row

残障健身器材。Total Access 高拉训练机杠杆操作的单臂把手高度调节器能够从坐姿位置降低到 1400 毫米的启动位置,以方便轮椅用户。

Squat Press


Leg Press

传统力量训练。从 -10 度到 80 度,背部护垫共有八个位置,从 0 度到 20 度,坐垫共有三个位置。轮子和操作杆等的设计用于以超出脚踏板一倍的速度轻松移动。

Seated Calf

ADVANCED TRAINING. Seat moves with input arm for maintenance of alignment. Kneepads adjust for tibia length and ROM.


传统力量训练。独特的枢轴大腿垫带给膝关节更高的舒适度和安全感。45 度角有利于塑造腰部和大腿的迷人曲线。


传统力量训练。85 度的背部角度有利于提高舒适度和稳定性,而不会干扰过顶运动。

Chest Press


Overhead Press

ADVANCED TRAINING. The 20° converging pattern provides an exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint. Independent arm motion for balanced strength development.

Incline Press


Smith Press

进阶训练。15 度伸展模式为肩部恒定力矩提供惊人的运动范围。杠铃式把手和中位把手大大丰富了抓握选择。